In 1965, Apolonio V. Dionisio, saw that his community would need job opportunities despite not being able to finish college. With this in mind, he took a risk and struck a deal with Armstrong USA to become the distributor of Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling Systems in 1966. His determination to provide a learning and earning institution for other Filipinos allowed him to grow AVD Marketing Corp to one of the top 20,000 corporations and provided jobs to over 200 Filipinos.

Since then AVD, has been known as a ceiling and floor provider and contractor, supplying and building the likes of Nestle, The Residences at Greenbelt, Serendra, Makati Stock Exchange, Enterprise Center, Iloilo International Airport, NAIA 3, Bacolod Airport, Radisson Blu, Ateneo De Manila, De La Salle University and other blue chip projects.

Despite its success through the years, the company is still run as a learning and earning institution and values its people above all else. In 2013, the company made a transition to become not only a job provider, but a social enterprise that will make an impact in the lives of others, through school sponsorship projects. AVD hopes that these projects will help public schools create better learning environments for their students, and better teaching facilities for teachers, to ensure that the Filipino is better educated.

AVD believes that Filipinos will build this country to become a poverty-free and first world nation. Architects, contractors, designers, developers, foremen, construction workers all have their part to play in the development of the Philippines and so AVD makes sure to support these people with proper education, tools and materials.

The company values education and people and makes an effort to share this belief with its employees through focus on personal and professional development, and to the Philippine public school system, through donations of its materials to classrooms. An educated Filipino is the future of the country and we want them to succeed.

At AVD, we help nation builders build a better Philippines. Join us!